The best papers for wedding stationery printing

When it comes to preparation for the big day, there is a lot to take into consideration. In the case of wedding stationery printing, we have everything you could possibly need on hand. But how do you pick the correct paper to bring your ideas to life, whether you’re starting from scratch with Save the Dates or fine-tuning your final Seating Plan before you print them?

There are a variety of paper stocks available that are perfectly suited to your ideas, depending on your subject and style. From the extravagant and glittery to the subtle and environmentally responsible, we’ve highlighted some of our favourites below to give you a head start on your shopping.

Get to Know Your Wedding Papers

Tintoretto Gesso

The hammered texture of excellent Italian Tintoretto Gesso adds a layer of opulence to your print with its warm off-white tone. Printing inks are absorbed into the surface of this uncoated paper stock, making it feel nice to the touch. Wedding stationery production has long relied on this paper stock, which has a particular surface feel that exudes elegance.

Fresco Gesso

Fresco Gesso, Tintoretto Gesso’s sister paper, is a great option if you’re looking for a more white-toned texture. Unlike our Tintoretto Gesso paper, Fresco Gesso has the same uncoated, softly hammered surface but with a dazzling white tint.


When it comes to printing wedding invitations, Vellum is a popular choice. Vellum, a transparent paper, is both recyclable and imparts an ethereal quality to printed artwork. If you’re using invitations or belly bands, match them with another paper layer to maximise their impact.


The cream colour of our paper material will give your printed wedding stationery a luxurious look and feel. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, this paper is a great choice. Paper absorbs the ink, giving it a softer, more rounded appearance.

Conqueror Gold

With our Conqueror Gold paper material, you’ll be able to create a luxurious Wedding print. This dazzling white paper has a faint golden sheen that enhances the shimmering appearance of inks. It’s ideal if you want your stationery suite to have a more inviting feel.

Ice Gold

This is a paradoxical piece of work. In contrast with its name, this colour is actually warm due to its white base and golden shimmer. With the help of Ice Gold, you’ll be able to create a wedding print that has a delicate sheen and clear, legible lettering (great for when you’ve got something important to say).


Beautiful and classic, Acquerello’s rich cream colour and finely embossed lines make it a favourite option for vintage and elegant weddings. I love it for anything that requires a little luxurious texture.


Our Laid paper material has an antique vibe because of its tiny lines. This paper has a texture that harkens back to the days of hand-written letters, making it an ideal choice for Wedding RSVPs.

Bright White Laid, on the other hand, has all the same properties but a lighter and more subdued appearance.


Kraft paper’s soft, earthy tones lend a handcrafted look. A soft, laid-back atmosphere and nostalgic Wedding themes may be achieved with an uncoated surface that absorbs ink. Environmentally friendly! If you’re planning a more environmentally friendly wedding, this paper is ideal.

Sirio Pearl Oyster

Glamorous freshwater pearl-inspired shimmering paper brings out the best in every project with its natural beauty and warm hues. Choosing the right paper for your wedding invitations will help them stand out on the big day.

Sirio Pearl Polar

If you like Pearl Oyster, but want something a little more vibrant, look no further. Our Pearl Polar paper material is another favourite for designs that need a mellow, yet noticeable shine, such as wedding invitations.


Lux is a three-layered wedding stationery printing option with a choice of 12 beautiful coloured cores. The uncoated, textured surface of the paper absorbs printed inks creating a contemporary, subdued look.


Nettuno elevates any space. Its appeal derives from its modest softness and polished fine lines. RSVPs and wedding place cards are perfect candidates for this durable paper.


Silk paper is an excellent all-purpose paper that allows your print to stand out. Silk’s low sheen and great ink-to-paper contrast make it ideal for legible printing with well-defined colours. Compared to gloss coated paper, the overall appearance is more subdued and is ideal if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re searching for something more environmentally friendly, there’s also a recycled version that’s made from 100% recycled fibres.

Rives Shetland

Rives Shetland’s uncoated finish features a wave-like pattern across its dazzling white surface, which lends an unusual twist to modern print. With a subtle texture, this paper provides printed ink a modest yet refined appearance.


Magnetic is here to help if you want your Wedding Invitation to last a lifetime. It has a low-shine, legible finish on one side and a magnetic backing on the other. It is made of flexible plastic. Perfect for affixing to a refrigerator or freezer!


Finally, Uncoated does exactly what it claims it will do: it’s uncoated. The soft and (obviously) uncoated paper absorbs colour and gives a more contemporary, flat appearance. Print that has to be written on, such as RSVPs and Wedding Thank You Cards, is best served by this paper.

Customized Surfaces and Textures

Choosing your preferred paper stock for wedding stationery printing doesn’t have to be the end of the fun. You can’t go wrong with any of our Special Finishes, including Digital and Block Foiling, White Ink printing, and Laser Cutting.