Make your business look better by using high-end business stationery.

There’s more to your corporate identity than just business cards and letterhead. People’s first impressions of your company may be shaped by everything from your business cards to your envelopes. A few scavenged pieces of paper and cardboard simply will not do. It’s time to look into some more sophisticated possibilities since the new year presents you with the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. You’ll always leave a good impression.

Assembling a Business Suite

Ahead of anything else: A Business Stationery set should have what you need to do your job well.

Let’s start with the most important things.

  • Business cards are your brand’s “business card.”
  • Letterheads are used to make invoices, letters, and quotes look better.
  • When you want to add a personal touch.
  • Envelopes: Make sure your post makes a good impression with the envelopes you use.
  • Presentation folders: Make your presentations look more professional with them.
  • Labels: Putting the finishing touch on your products or boxes.

There are a lot of Business Stationery Packs that can help you promote, reorder, and spread the word about your company.

Choose the correct paper.

First, think about what each paper type will do for each piece of print and what your choice will say to a potential customer.

Is it going to be written on? Do this to show it off. To give to clients? This is a time when it’s important to choose quality over quantity.

If you want to make Letterheads, don’t use paper with a coating, like silk, gloss, or pearl. The ink will just smudge right off the paper. It would be better to use a paper that has a rough texture, like Nettuno or Tinteresso Gesso, instead. This type of stationery is much thicker than your typical type of paper. It shows that your business takes its written correspondence very seriously.

A lot of people will be giving out business cards, so make them stand out with a paper that looks and feels great. Check out paper stocks like Ice gold. They have a warm, subtle shine that will make your design look bright and clear. Try Rives Shetland if you want something cool and interesting. This is a strong white paper with a lovely dimpled feel, like the weave of a fine piece of clothing.

The thicker the paper stock, the better it is for business cards, always. Even though they’ll feel high-end and sturdy when you touch them, they’ll also last longer when they’re used every day.

Foiled business cards

You can always get a great look with Foil. Use it to make your competitors look like they’re made of gold and silver.

As well as adding glamour to a lot of print, a simple metallic accent can really make your Business Stationery look better. This doesn’t have to be too overpowering. Looks best with typography or logos and graphics. It also gives your business stationery a more high-end feel if you use it.

The ink that is white

With the help of White Ink, you can become a big business print star. In the world of design, there is no better way to make your work stand out. With the choice of seven thick and richly coloured paper stocks, your Business Stationery goes from boring to eye-catching.

It takes a lot of layers of White Ink to print, so the card behind won’t show through. This gives you that true “rabbit in a snowstorm” shade.

Cut it up.

A lot of times, it doesn’t matter what you add. It’s about what you remove. Shape your print with Die Cutting, and you can make it into any shape, size, or design you want. A custom steel blade or Die will cut it for you.

You can add a lot of interest to your print by cutting out a letter or logo on a Flyer or Business Card. This also gives the print a sharp, clean look.

Whatever you want, you can get it.

One-size-fits-all print can never work. To make your Business Stationery come to life, you need to come up with a design that you want. We’re always here to help.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Block Foil for a high-quality paper, Spot UV for some subtle shine, or a completely unique size and shape. Our bespoke team will always be there to help. You just have to fill out a form!

Whether you put stickers on your packaging or business cards, your print could make or break you as a brand. Explore high-end Business Stationery to make sure it has the impact you want it to have.

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