The latest business stationery trends have been unveiled.

When you think of business stationery, the first thing that springs to mind is boring, stuffy sheets of office paper that fail to catch the imagination. If your company is a start-up or if you want to excite and engage clients and consumers, why shouldn’t your business stationery play a role in that effort? Check out the most recent business stationery trends right here, and make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities to put your best foot forward.


The use of typography in letterhead design may be the solution for you if you have a lot to say but can’t manage to fit it all into a traditional design. To bring this trend to life, start with your company’s motto or strapline and then experiment with different fonts and colours.


If you’re a freelancer, this is a particularly fantastic trend to follow since nothing looks quite as elegant as your name gracefully sweeping around the front, back or sides of a letterhead or a business card. An emerging trend, this will assist in cementing a company’s or brand’s recognition and recognition in the minds of customers and clients.


Make use of the brand’s colour palette to bring this trend to its fullest expression. Simple designs in various complementary colours may be used on each piece of stationery, or a single hero pattern can be used on all of the pieces.

Create a matching pair of shoes.

Create a cohesive, complementary suite of printed materials by matching your company stationery printing to your business cards. The result will be that everything you provide to your consumers or clients will be consistent and readily recognisable. In order to catch attention and demonstrate innovation, it is important to carry the design through to other pieces of print in fascinating and distinctive ways.


Would you be interested in printing some stickers to use to assist seal envelopes holding your freshly created letterheads or to accent packages carrying your newly designed compliment slips?

Following the completion of your design work, it’s time to begin producing your company’s business stationery materials. Provide us with all of your ideas, along with the paper stocks and finishes that will truly make it stand out, and then leave the rest to us. Due to the addition of modern lithographic presses, you may receive more for your money, ensuring that your fresh new business stationery will not leave your pocketbook feeling sour.

Is it possible that you’ve lately produced a new piece of corporate stationery? Do you have any plans to do so? Have you given any consideration to foiling? Share your opinions and ideas with us in the comments section below, or tag us in your creations on social media using the hashtags:


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