What You Need to Know About Designing and Printing Business Letterheads

In this internet world, whenever it comes to corporate stationery, company letterheads are an important requirement. Aside from the fact that well-designed and professionally printed letterheads lend credibility to your company, create a positive first impression, and speak volumes about your company, they are also a legal requirement for certain documents, which we will discuss in greater depth later in this blog post. Please continue reading in order to learn how to create and print business letterheads, whether you’re in charge of a huge corporation or a tiny regional agency.

Where Should I Begin?

Creating a letterhead may not seem to be difficult, particularly when you consider how basic and clean-cut letterheads appear to be. Yet, you would be incorrect. Due to the vast quantity of information that must be legally included on your business letterheads, achieving this plain, minimalist appearance might be tough. Our clients have asked for a comprehensive guide on creating and printing corporate letterheads, which printonweb.in has put together for them.

To what extent should my business letterheads contain a company logo?

It’s likely that you also know immediately what you want to put on your business letterhead when you create it but are you sure? When you build your company letterhead, you may already know what you want to include, but are you sure? When setting up a company letterhead, it is important to be aware of your duties under the law. Whatever your business model, your letterhead should have the following information on it:

sole proprietorship:

Your name
Your business name
Your business address is
Your GST number (if you’re registered)


Your name
Your business name (this is the name you’re trading as- not your legal name)
Your business address is
Your GST number (if you’re registered)
All of the partners’ names must be included.

Limited Company:

The name
The registered office 
The workplace
In the event that you are registered for GST, your GST number
Every partner’s name must be included in this document.

Other Information:

Letterheads are a great way to build your company’s brand recognition and establish a dialogue with the receiver. Consequently, don’t overlook the following details:

The phone number to get in touch with
The e-mail address, logo, and URL of the website (URL)
Profiles of individuals in various social groups (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

So How would You Create a Professional-Looking Business Letterhead?

So you have all the information you need to start designing the firm’s letterheads.

Your brand’s colours should be reflected in your colour pallet. So, for instance, if printonweb.in was to design letterheads, we’d keep to our primary brand colours of white, red, and black. Consistency is the cause behind this. Your clients and consumers will be able to recognise your brand quicker if all of your stationery (such as business cards, notebooks, appointment cards, and letterheads) matches your brand image.

The placement of your company’s logo and contact information on letterheads should be visible but not block the main body of the document. It’s completely OK to include a watermark in the text! In reality, it’s a beautiful design touch and clever use of space that not only looks good but also lets people know that this crucial document comes from your company.

When creating your letterhead, remember that less really is more. Simplistic letterheads are more successful than elaborate letterheads in conveying a message. Keep in mind what you want your letterhead to accomplish. It’s not for framing and hanging on a wall by anyone. One of the most critical documents in your company’s communications strategy is a legal notice. A simple letterhead with clear writing will not only appear professional, but it will also be simpler to read and fulfil its purpose.

How Do I Create a Print-Ready PDF File?

Customers at printonweb.in are asked to provide their artwork to us in a Print-Ready PDF format since it reduces the number of files needed. Because we won’t have to put everything onto our system, this method will allow us to handle your file more quickly in our pre-press department.

Your design will be exactly as you gave it to us if you supply a Print-Ready PDF and complete our checklist. This will make the workflow between you and us much easier and ensure that your design is exactly as you sent it when we download it onto our system.

Exactly what is required for a print-ready PDF file?

A four-colour printing technique the CMYK colour space rather than RGB
The final trim size of a document is the page size.
Fonts aren’t required because they’re integrated or converted to outline format.
All scans have a 300 dpi resolution and are printed at 100% of their ultimate size.
The document includes images.
A 3mm bleed is included in the files.

Outside of the live print area, you must designate any trimming, scoring, or fold markings you desire to have.
At least 5 mm from the page’s edge, the artwork is considered to be in a calm or safe region.
Black text is not a mixture of CMYK colours, but rather a pure black colour.
Overprinting is not enabled for white text.

When creating a multiple-page PDF, each page is a single page, including any necessary blank pages.
The artwork should be put up appropriately if it is to be folded.

Is There a Website That Allows Me to Print Letterheads Online?

In this case, we are talking about printonweb.in – In other words, you can make your own letterheads! Your imagination should not be constrained, which is why you may submit your own artwork to us! If you’re looking to buy letterheads online, we’ve made it incredibly simple: just select the size you want, select your paper preference (our best seller is an A4 letterhead printed single-sided on our 120gsm premium uncoated paper), provide a Print-Ready PDF in the same size, and select how many you want to be printed and we’ll give you an instant quote!

Printing your artwork on our HP Indigo Digital Presses ensures that your artwork is full of vibrant colours and clear text. In order to show our customers how important each task is to us, we offer the DP Guarantee: We take great pleasure in the work we perform and aren’t completely satisfied until you are! Get in contact with us if you think we’ve made a mistake in printing or finishing your project, and we’ll do everything we can to rectify and reprint it for you!

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